About us

Breakthrough Solutions that Drive Results

RiskMatch is an analytics firm that delivers web-based solutions for insurance intermediaries and underwriting partners throughout the U.S. Our patented platform provides an array of portfolio management and placement solutions, analytics, internal and external benchmarking capabilities, and information management services designed to enhance performance, reduce costs, facilitate growth,and improve client service.

The RiskMatch® platform is designed for easy, full-feature, end-to-end deployment and adoption within brokerages and agencies of all sizes.

Services include training and ongoing support for individual brokers, agents, insurers and team members on the RiskMatch platform. Using the RiskMatch platform, clients gain in operational efficiency, enhanced growth opportunities and better client and carrier relationships.


All of us, together, build RiskMatch

Kabir Syed

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

One of my most significant roles at RiskMatch is to bring together exceptionally talented individuals who share a commitment to continuous innovation and the drive to exceed demanding expectations every day. I have worked to build a collaborative culture where we strive for perfection in solutions and always look to do better.

In an insurance career that has spanned two decades and positions with brokers and carriers in strategy, operations, marketing and finance, I have always been a tinkerer – embracing advances in technology that have the potential to foster real breakthroughs. My vision: Fusing design, data and intelligence to solve inefficiencies that drive results.

Roman Stepanenko

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

My job is to think big and small at the same time. While I may be focusing on larger architectural challenges on any given morning, I might be working to determine the best approach to a routine request for new functionality that evening. From a leadership perspective, my job is to build a truly diverse and high-performing team, by engaging the right people and streamlining processes to elevate productivity and job satisfaction.

Drawing on more than 15 years of software development experience in various industries, a graduate degree in Applied Mathematics and an MBA, I tend to approach each problem from three angles: technical, structural analysis, and a pragmatic business approach.

John Mollica

Head of Product Management

Innovation is built into RiskMatch’s DNA and a critical element of our value proposition. We collaborate endlessly with everyone using the RiskMatch® platform at insurance companies, MGAs/wholesalers, and brokerages/agencies – both to drive the development of new solutions and to accelerate their implementation.

During my two decades in the insurance and financial services industry, I have focused on the transformation of data and deployment of technology as critical components of performance management. I address this every day as I work directly with our clients and our sales and service teams to make everything we do at RiskMatch help them perform at a higher level.

Michael P. Golden

Chief Market Engagement Officer

RiskMatch is changing how brokers and insurers are coming together to serve clients in a more meaningful and informed way. Having spent over three decades with both brokerage and underwriting organizations, I am excited to help our customers and colleagues align around our core propositions.

At RiskMatch I am focusing my efforts on our insurance company relationships. We’re building robust solutions that will enable insurers to more effectively connect with their key brokers, enhance distribution and transaction efforts and achieve greater awareness of performance and opportunities.

Michael Cormier

Chief Client Engagement Officer

As Chief Client Engagement Officer, my mission is to help our clients (brokers, agents, wholesalers/MGAs and carriers) achieve the steady and consistent gains that lead to their long-term success – and that of RiskMatch. Together with our clients RiskMatch is reshaping how insurance professionals think about distribution and transaction processing. As the pace of change continues to accelerate, our industry-leading technology will fortify the future winners. To that end, I am leading a team of dedicated professionals driven by the determination to propel RiskMatch clients to achieve outstanding results.

Today, in applying 25 years of experience leading global consulting, insurance and finance businesses my focus has landed squarely at the intersection of insurance and technology. Every day, RiskMatch helps carriers identify and pursue previously unforeseen growth opportunities. At the same time, RiskMatch equips brokers and agents with expanded business insight and placement options … and we’re just getting started.

Rolf Mortenson

Director of User Experience & Design

I oversee design for RiskMatch, ensuring our clients have an elegant, easy-to-use interface that addresses their needs and quickly answers their pressing questions. My goal is to dramatically simplify the display of complex information, and to clearly explain what you are looking at, what is the most important information on the page, and what actions
you can or need to take.

With more than 20 years of experience in interface design, I have designed data intensive products for energy, environmental commodities, big data analytics, medical education, clinical trials, finance and other sectors.

Ean Chua

Director of Data Acquisition & Analytics

I work with clients to onboard their data to the RiskMatch platform. I first seek to understand a client’s business in the larger context, and then drill down to the relevant details, building the knowledge incrementally as I progress, with the aim to provide the most accurate picture of their data.

With more than 20 years of data management experience, I have worked in client and vendor settings in multiple industries, such as managing data warehousing for a health plan, managing global policy data conversion for an insurance brokerage, and providing professional services with a product vendor.

Robin Reinarz

Client Engagement Manager

My role is to ensure that clients derive the greatest value from the RiskMatch® platform – access to accurate and actionable intelligence that helps them meet their strategic goals at every level of the organization.

Throughout my 25-year career, I have been keenly focused on client advocacy. The insurance industry is first and foremost built on relationships — between insureds, brokers and agents and carriers. I am proud to have worked with numerous industry professionals where the relationships we have built have led to amazing successes.

Joe Masek

Client Engagement Manager

I engage our clients as my partners, working closely with them each day to understand their needs and to ensure that our platform and technology supports them in achieving their organization’s growth, strategic goals, and ultimately their success.

I am passionate about driving growth and improvement through the use of technology. The majority of my 17 years in the insurance industry have been assisting companies maximize the value of their data, adding to the success of their organizations.

Donna J. LaGoy, AIT, ACE

Client Engagement Manager

Throughout my 35 years in the insurance industry, my passion has been driving agency-insurer connectivity and helping brokerages and agencies maximize data integrity and usage of their agency management systems.

At RiskMatch, I am taking what I’ve done during my career as an agency owner, as well as in various positions at other companies, to an entirely new level. By giving agencies and brokerages insight and enhanced visibility to their data, as well as a suite of new tools, I’m helping them identify and seize opportunities to enhance service, grow their business and expand their relationships with insurers.

Bridget Hoyt

Client Engagement Manager

In my role as a Client Engagement Manager at RiskMatch, I strive to ensure that our carrier clients obtain optimal value from the RiskMatch platform and various RiskMatch relationships.

Through the vast, innovative, and specially tailored tools and resources available on the RiskMatch platform, we deliver value that not only enables individuals to work faster and more efficiently, but also helps the insurer achieve meaningful growth. The best part? We’re only just beginning.